Hi! This is the personal site of Matt Evans. By day, I design pieces of computer for a well-known IP company in Cambridge, UK. This site is all the other stuff (when real life permits): projects and hacks, talks, a bit of electronics, a bit of code and maybe a bit of metalwork and design.

#include <all_regular_disclaimers.h>

These are my opinions and don’t represent those of any others. Specifically, they are not those of a well-known IP company.


Some talks I’ve given:

linux.conf.au, January 2012: “Hack Everything: Re-purposing everyday devices”. Slides PDF, Video on Youtube A talk on the creative recycling and re-use of electronic junk.
linux.conf.au, January 2012: “Bloat: How and Why UNIX Grew Up (and Out)”. Files on Github, Video on Youtube Comparing V6 UNIX of the 1970s with modern systems.
Make, Hack, Void, May 2011: “FPGAs for bits & giggles”. Slides PDF, Files TAR A beginner’s guide to FPGAs.

Elsewhere on the net

See my poorly-maintained Youtube channel: photonfactoryuk

Find me on Github: https://github.com/evansm7