This is the obligatory “first post on new platform” post, coupled with a bit of “first post in 4 years, I’m still alive”.

The original site was a very HTML1.0 affair and while this was kind of intentional-tongue-in-cheek-chic, it was also a PITA to update. It wasn’t looking good for regular posts.

As well as real life happening, I’ve had a change in job since the last phase of semi-frequent posting of projects and hacks. Part of that means some hoops and paperwork that I’m supposed to jump through on a per-project basis and this has just meant I’ve effectively stopped writing things up. Yes, I have to prove that it won’t hurt business to post firmware for a hat with LEDs on it, that kind of thing.

But, this will change shortly (for the progress of hacks and therefore sanity). There’s a backlog of a few projects that need writing up and I hope they’ll be of interest – watch this space!