Voici mes projectes! There are few actually-finished things here, though others are kind of work-in-progress; more to come.

CPU Hardware hacks LCD/light-up things Code
STM32F0DISCOVERY plus hacksaw, turning one devboard into two. ARM Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3In >1 sense
Oscilloscope 3D, a 3D vector display on a vintage CRO. AVRElectron beam & phosphor
Nixie Clock, a copper mantlepiece clock with glowing neon tubes. AVRNixie tubes
"Bitmap Projector", a 1950s-era data projector.

AVRTiny mono LCDNokia display, IR remote
"Iiyama, meet Xilinx", an old monitor repurposed as an arcade table using a repurposed FPGA-based prototype PCI card.

YesBig colour LCD
"BeagleLCD", a reused laptop LCD panel attached to a Beagleboard OMAP3 computer. AVR, ARMCustom LVDS interfaceWXGA laptop LCDLinux, GL
"Jenclock", a lovely VFD table clock. The 'starburst' tubes provide four-letter fun!

AVRAlpha-numeric VFDs
"OctoVFD", a Russian VFD lighty-uppy thing.

AVRNumeric VFDs
"wrtag", an OpenWRT-based networked JTAG box for programming Xilinx FPGAs.

JTAGs themLinux hacky
"miniPOV", a keyring-sized persistence of vision LED message-writer.

"iGeek", a cheesily-named 'geek port' for iPhone. This provides GPIO/analog/1-wire/I2C capabilities via the dock connector UART.


Truly ancient:

E2 page with a bootloader, 'e2-monitor'. ARMSimple monitor
GBA projects page featuring a GBA Multiboot cable and MattDemo3. ARMMultiboot, tracker player, demo
"SIND": FPGA board plus microcontroller IP stack. Something I procrastinated with at university. ARMYesVGA LCDTiny OS & IP, ethernet
8051 microcontroller projects. 8051

Misc tech notes:

Notes on connecting/using BTM400_6B Bluetooth serial module.

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